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EquityMultiple blends crowdfunding with a more traditional real estate investing approach that can lead to high returns.3

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EquityMultiple provides a range of flexible options to fit your objectives, and three complementary strategies to support the evolution of your portfolio.


A high-yield, short-term alternative to savings accounts.
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Real estate investments focused on near-term income.
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Real estate investments focused on growth and appreciation.
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Why Private-Market CRE Investing?

Go beyond stocks and bonds.

Why Private-Market CRE Investing?

Go beyond stocks and bonds.
  • Low correlation to stocks and bonds.
  • Attractive historical risk-adjusted returns.
  • Less historical volatility than stocks and REITs.
Risk-Adjusted Return41998-2022
Access the preferred asset class of institutions and sophisticated investors.
Risk-Adjusted Return41998-2022

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