Introducing the Ascent Income Fund

Elevate Your Portfolio*

The Ascent Income Fund provides stable, compelling target income from senior commercial real estate debt positions. The Ascent Income Fund targets compelling yield, backed by real assets. Take the next step in your real estate investing journey.

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Yield Focused

The Fund boasts a historical distribution yield of 13.1%.

Security of CRE Debt

The Fund invests in loans that hold full payment priority and are further secured by a 1st mortgage.


Redemption options are available starting one year after your investment.

The Ascent Income Fund

Compelling Target Risk-Adjusted Returns

And an income focus that stands above other income-oriented funds in today's market. The Ascent Fund taps you into diversified, timely opportunities in CRE credit.

Fund rates as of 5/10/23, sourced from, respectively,,, Actual yields will vary over time. Returns are not guaranteed and this graph serves for purposes of comparison only. *An elevated portfolio refers to the addition of diversified CRE debt positions.

FAQs about the Ascent Income Fund

The Ascent Income Fund invests primarily in first-mortgage loans. Each loan and borrower is carefully underwritten and subject to the institutional standards employed by the EquityMultiple investments team. The underlying properties may span geographies and property types/sectors to provide economic diversification. The Fund will target a max LTV of 75% on a whole-loan basis, with most first-liens coming in below 65% LTV.

Investors in the Ascent Income Fund will have redemption options after one year. Combined with the Alpine Note, the Ascent Income Fund forms a highly flexible wealth generation ecosystem. In combination with equity investments in our 'Grow' pillar, investors can pursue a blend of cash management, current income, and total return potential.

The Fund will target 11-13% net annualized returns, and distributions will be paid quarterly or can be automatically reinvested. All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. However, the Ascent Income Fund prioritizes senior mortgage positions, potentially mitigating risk on behalf of EquityMultiple investors.

The Fund will make all of its investments through a REIT, which provides tax advantages. The REIT shields the fund from potential state income so investors receive a single federal K-1, along with other potential tax benefits.

The initial launch of the Ascent Income Fund required a minimum investment of $25,000, but subsequently was reduced to the current minimum of $20,000.