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Top EquityMultiple partners have earned hundred of thousands of dollars in commission by sharing our investment opportunities with their audiences. If you believe you are a good fit for our investment affiliate program, please apply below.

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EquityMultiple affiliate partners include Business Insider, Investopedia, Nerwallet, Benzinga
Why EquityMultiple?

We're one of the few platforms that offers equity, preferred equity, and senior debt investments, as well as an in-house asset management team who manages investments from acquisition to exit.

How much can affiliates earn?

For each self-accredited sign ups, partners can earn commissions starting at $250 per user referred.

Why Private Market Real Estate?

Help your audience diversify their portfolios. Earn easy commissions.

Alternatives like private commercial real estate investments have historically exhibited less volatility than public equities, and may help investors insulate their portfolio against risk during times of public market instability.

Affiliate Program FAQs

Once your application has been approved on Impact, you will have access to your unique affiliate tracking link as well as our ad sets on the Impact platform. Our team will also email you with further resources that will assist you in seamlessly embedding EquityMultiple content on your platform. If you would like to collaborate with EquityMultiple leadership on custom content such as guest posts, podcast interviews, webinars, etc, please reach out to The bottom line is we want to create a partnership that is mutually beneficial and sustainable, and to ensure we're delivering value to your audience as well.

EquityMultiple provides accredited investors with accessible and transparent private real estate investment opportunities across the United States. We combine industry-leading asset management, innovative technology, and personalized support to bring investors an unparalleled investing experience, without the fuss of managing property.

Our team begins by sourcing potential investments from a nationwide network of experienced real estate firms. We then apply proprietary algorithms & underwriting methodology, selecting just 5% of investments evaluated. Our dedicated asset management team, with decades of real estate transaction experience, works to protect investor principal and maximize returns, helping investors build a diversified portfolio of cash-flowing, professionally managed real estate.

Diverse Offering: We're one of the few platforms that offers equity, preferred equity, and senior debt investments, giving investors flexibility to select the types of assets that fit their investment goals.

In-House Full Cycle Asset Management: Some platforms operate as laissez-faire marketplaces by facilitating transactions directly between the sponsor and a network of individual investors. Our belief is that investors are best served by more rigorous underwriting and more vigilant stewardship of capital. At EquityMultiple, we only accept around 5% of the deals that are presented to us. Our Asset Management Team works closely with out partner sponsors to provide updates throughout the lifetime of the investment, with a typical cadence of quarterly performance reporting.

Our Evergreen Offerings: EquityMultiple offers various evergreen investment opportunities, such as our Alpine Note Series of short term notes offering flexibility and an attractive rate of return, fee-free. We also offer two funds: The Ascent Income Fund, which focuses primarily on first lien debt opportunities, and the Foundations Portfolio: Multifamily, which focuses on multifamily real estate with high upside potential and growth potential.

We operate on a cost per action (CPA) basis, which means you earn commissions for each self-accredited sign up attributed to your tracking links. Commissions start at $250 per user referred, and top EquityMultiple partners earn upwards of $250k through our investing affiliate program.