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Current yield, payment priority, and short terms. Earn investments bring you powerful drivers of passive income, backed by real assets.

Senior Debt OpportunitiesAnnual rates of return from 8-12%+
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Yield-Focused FundsDiversified cash flow from private real estate
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EquityMultiple is a platform that streamlines real estate investing for self-directed investors like you. Instead of managing “tenants and toilets,” you can create an account and choose from curated, highly vetted investments. Build a diversified real estate portfolio and receive cash flow directly to your bank account as our Asset Management Team works behind the scenes to maximize your returns.

EquityMultiple’s Earn investments are lower in the capital stack, meaning a higher degree of payment priority and, in most cases, other protections for investors. These investments typically offer more of a debt investing profile: shorter terms and a focus on fixed, regular cash flow. Like all EquityMultiple investments, the operator and asset are highly vetted by EquityMultiple’s team.

Earn investments typically target high single-digits or low-teens net rate of return. For the historical results of EquityMultiple investments, please log in or create an account to view our track record.

Absolutely. Unlike other investment platforms, EquityMultiple brings you access to a dedicated and knowledgeable Investor Relations Team. Please feel free to schedule a call with us.

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