Market Commentary - January 05, 2023

Real Estate Investing Houston — an Accredited Investor’s Guide

January 05, 2023

Abby Blumenfeld
By Abby Blumenfeld
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Abby Blumenfeld
Abby Blumenfeld
Abby Blumenfeld is the Senior Investor Relations Analyst at EquityMultiple. Originally from Massachusetts and a graduate of Quinnipiac University, Abby has an extensive background in both commercial and residential real estate. Before joining EquityMultiple, she gained experience working with commercial properties at Cushman and Wakefield. Her experience includes both the New York City and Boston real estate markets. At EquityMultiple, Abby is responsible for developing relationships with prospective investors, ensuring clear communication, and serving as the primary point of contact for investors. If you reach out to EquityMultiple, there’s a good chance you’ll interact with Abby during your journey. Outside of work, Abby enjoys playing pickleball, tennis, and traveling.

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