Commercial Real Estate Investments That Bring You Compelling Total Return Potential.

High-upside, private-market real estate investments used to be the exclusive province of institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy. Not anymore. Enter the varsity world of real estate investing, starting with just $10k.

Log in to view returns on specific propertiesValue-add and opportunistic equity
Upside-Focused FundsDiversified, private funds with a growth imperative
Low Effort, High PotentialYou invest passively. Our experienced team goes to work to maximize your returns.
Representative Investments

EquityMultiple is a platform that streamlines real estate investing for self-directed investors like you. Instead of managing “tenants and toilets,” you can create an account and choose from curated, highly vetted investments. Build a diversified real estate portfolio and gain access to the types of high-upside commercial real estate that used to be inaccessible to self-directed investors. Our Asset Management Team works behind the scenes to maximize your returns while you build a more diversified portfolio through a streamlined platform.

EquityMultiple’s Grow investments target attractive total returns. Because these investments are illiquid and managed by experienced, vetted real estate operators, they carry the potential for “alpha” — attractive total return as a function of management skill and asset quality. EquityMultiple’s Grow investments may offer return potential that is less correlated to public equities markets than public REITs.

Investment objectives will vary by offering, and are modeled by dedicated personnel on the EquityMultiple Investments Team. Please create an account or log in to view return objectives for current Grow offerings. These investments also typically target some degree of mid-term cash flow. For the historical results of EquityMultiple investments, please log in or create an account to view our track record.

Absolutely. Unlike other investment platforms, EquityMultiple brings you access to a dedicated and knowledgeable Investor Relations Team. Please feel free to schedule a call with us.

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