Foundations Portfolio - Growth I

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Introducing EquityMultiple's first diversified portfolio offering.

Foundations Portfolio Growth I offers investors growth-focused diversification across asset classes and geography. Gain streamlined access to EM-vetted offerings, all with one low investment minimum.

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Offering Overview

Foundations Portfolio - Growth I

Target Investor Equity Multiple*
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Target Average Cash Yield*
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Minimum Investment
Target Hold
37 Months
Minimum Investment
Built-In Diversification with a Single Investment

EquityMultiple is pleased to offer a $3.5M investment in our first diversified portfolio offering. The Portfolio is tailored to provide diversification and focus on appreciation and upside potential.

The Portfolio comprises two multifamily assets, an industrial property, and a luxury hotel located in four of the top 10 largest MSAs. All four assets present a return profile that fits both our thesis and the current focus of our investor network. All four assets have been recently acquired and the respective sponsors’ business plans are well underway.

The Investment will hold indirect equity interests in four different properties in four different geographic markets with four different sponsors.

The property business plans will be completed non-concurrently which reduces the effect on the Portfolio of a down market at any given time.

The Investment will provide diversification benefits to a small REIT but benefit from favorable tax treatment – pass through depreciation can help reduce tax liability on current dividends.

Investment minimum of $25,000 is substantially lower than the combined minimum of the underlying investments facilitating lower minimum diversification.

Unlike other funds the properties are all pre-identified, giving investors transparency into exactly what they are invested in.

Investors will receive a single federal K-1 tax document for their investment, simplifying reporting during tax season.

EquityMultiple is not charging any additional servicing or technology fees to the Portfolio.

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