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EquityMultiple provides self-directed, accredited investors access to exclusive commercial real estate investments. Take the path of the world's most sophisticated investors, and build a truly diversified portfolio through a seamless, secure platform.

Diversify beyond a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds. Access a unique wealth generation ecosystem.

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Get started in just 5 minutes. Browse curated investments, and invest as little as $5k, from anywhere.

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With streamlined investing workflows and a wide range of rigorously vetted CRE investments, you can reach a higher level of diversification. Diversify across property types, return profiles, and markets across the U.S.

How EquityMultiple works for you

Management Tools

EquityMultiple gives you powerful technology to monitor and build your real estate portfolio.

How EquityMultiple works for you

Investor Services

EquityMultiple's Investor Relations Team works with you to tailor your real estate portfolio to your objectives. Full-cycle asset management means that you can invest passively, and rest easy as EquityMultiple works to pursue the best outcomes for your investments.

How EquityMultiple works for you


Private real estate, expertly managed, can provide returns uncorrelated from the stock market. EquityMultiple allows you to invest like leading institutional investors by gaining exposure to private-market alternatives.

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